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Caveman Craig 2 – XP Rewards

We wanted Caveman Craig 2 to have plenty of material for those with strategic minds to chew on, while retaining the simplicity and casual feel of the original Caveman Craig. It’s a hard balance to keep.

Part of this is our new “XP rewards” system. Unlike the previous games, Caveman Craig 2 doesn’t just throw random bonuses at you as your tribe grows. Instead, Craig can earn experience points by basically ‘doing things’. As he hunts animals, drags carcasses, preparers food, and teaches cavemen, his XP will grow steadily. Big XP is earned for doing things like saving cavemen, fending off the enemy tribe, or stealing their carcasses.

Your XP can then be spent on a large number of rewards in the ‘rewards catalog’ – including the mammoth and his rock throwing pal (shown above), pet dinosaurs, and many others including our favourite rewards from Caveman Craig and Caveman Craig: SE.

Some rewards are cheap, others expensive. It’s up to you to choose your strategy. Will you spend all your XP on pre-trained cavemen & food resources? Or will you save up for something that will crush your enemy?

8 Responses

  1. Amos

    Awesome. If there is a hi-score, will xp show up on it?

  2. Andy

    I’m thoroughly impressed with what I’ve read about the game. Sounds familiar yet refreshingly new.

    In other words, a perfect sequel.

    • It’s lovely to hear those words, Andy! Thanks!
      We’ve been trying to strike a balance between new, fresh gameplay and sticking to the old formula. Not easy!

  3. Andrew

    I am wondering… how many “XP Rewards” will there be? Will there be 24 of them, as shown in the picture, or is the picture just there to give an idea of what it’ll be like?

  4. Audioworm

    Great work.
    Also, what is the price you have in mind for when the game comes out?

  5. b0b

    is there an ETA this game is awesome and the second on is going to be awesomer i just want to know when is this going to be done

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