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Caveman Craig 2 Update – Drag Assist

Hey guys!
Development for CC2 is now well underway, after many months of planning and conceptualising. To keep you guys excited about its release, I’m going to post very small features that will be included in the game every now and then. The BIG features are for later on ;)

So far we’ve developed the main backend for how the cavemen interact with the environment. The major bugs we’ve had with the previous versions of Caveman Craig involved getting stuck in a loop, or cavemen positioned incorrectly when being eaten by a raptor or something. This new engine for caveman actions will prevent such bugs.

In Caveman Craig 2, cavemen can help each other take carcasses into a cave – it’s no longer just a one-man job. If you’re dragging a dead dino, another caveman can come up and help out, and you both lift it and walk much faster. Some dinosaurs are too heavy for one man to carry, and requires two.

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    YAY! finally something like this to the dinos!
    also could you make preparers be able to seperate in groups so you can gather faster?

  2. Joe

    Sweet!!! Caveman Craig is at a cheap cost, and my favorite game.
    And now caveman craig 2!!! How many are you going to have?
    I’m telling my friends about this. My biggest suggestion: Multiplayer!
    Caveman Craig 1 SE had me at about 32 hours of gameplay until I started to stop. In multiplayer you can never have just one strategy.
    Not to mention it’s really fun fighting against my friends.
    Please write back, you and tim are such pros O_O.


    im not sure there will be more than 2
    it would be hecka awesome if after 2 the 3rd
    game would not be in caves
    but castle
    and you should collect metal wood and meat
    for example
    you have to collect metal and meat to make guys with swords
    but wood and meat make archers


    hey you still working on this or did you quit?”

  5. Rhys Andrews

    We’re still working on it, but progress is very slow.

  6. Arkatox

    Hey, could one of you developers post some screenshots of CC2? The suspense is killing me!

  7. FirstCalamity

    You should add Pterodactyls that you can hit with rocks.

  8. does drag assist mean you can drag in dead triceratops? i hop so.=)
    also, you should have a meat pile, just like a berry pile, so you can stockpile your meat.=)

  9. James

    Can there be more than two? It also seems more realistic if the huge dinosaurs from before can be cut or taken in pieces instead of being left so no food is wasted and no diseases are spread (not that there are going to any_


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