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Caveman Craig 2 Dinosaurs

Hi guys.
We need a list of candidates for dinosaur enemies in Caveman Craig 2. Would you like to help out? Just comment here and give us a name of a *real* dinosaur that you would like to have appear in Caveman Craig 2. Make sure you tell us whether it is a herbivore, carnivore, or both, and whether you would consider it aggressive (attacks without cause), passive (attacks if threatened), or defenceless (runs / ignores).

I don’t want to give you a list of what we have so far, but we have around 5 carnivores and 5 herbivores so far.

Rhys Andrews

20 Responses

  1. Mike

    I don’t really know any specific dinosaurs, but I think that a dinosaur that eats berry bushes would be a good idea.

    Also, a dinosaur that is in some way on your side, that helps.

  2. That’s definitely a good idea. No use having herbivores walking around if they don’t actually eat what they’re supposed to eat. Thankyou.

  3. Mike

    No problem, big fan by the way, 6/6.

  4. Giganotosaurus would be pretty sweet although it is only a little bigger then a T-Rex. I would say it is a carnivore that is passive.

    Also Juvenile T-Rexes would be cool they are basically baby T-Rexes.

  5. Chill

    I’d love to see a Pterodactyl fly down and scoop up one of my cavemen and carry them around until they can break free.

  6. I was considering the Giganotosaurus – but it’s quite similar to the T-Rex, and we’re not being really specific with design etc.. so we could really just make a T-Rex that looks like a Giganotosaurus and call it a T-Rex.

    The Pterodactyl is cool, but I’m not entirely sure what we’ll do there. We’re considering having background dinosaurs, which won’t take part in the game play but will add to the atmosphere. Some other possibilities of these is the Brachiosaurus.

  7. MT

    I think it’d be cool to have some kind of dino you can jump on to help you (i.e maybe tame a triceratops or ankylosaurus or something)

  8. Going with the background idea a Apatosaurus would be pretty cool. You could watch it eating tree leaves in the background. You already have some tree background in Caveman Craig one.

  9. I thought I was being wildly optimistic to think that no-one would have suggested Giganotosaurus.
    How about Spinosaurus? That would be the ultimate challenge for those players who have reached, dare I say it, the end of the game.

  10. I’ve gotten 52 cavemen before.

  11. softhunterdevil

    Which Dinos are there now ?? I’m nt sure (TREX, Triceptourus, Velociraptor)…

    Here’s my opinion …

    Herbivore, Defenceless (But if its walking or running away, cavemen can come under it, thats the danger, and it eats away large trees and also grasses and berry trees)

    2. Teradactyl …

    Carnivore Birds, (staels eggs and caracass or cavemen babies), aggressive, can walk on four legs if needed (two legs, two wing nodes, see wiki info )


    Herbivore and Passive unlike Triceratops. Hit with very powerful tail having three spikes at end), uses head at times (like Zidane).

    4. Desmatosuchus

    Omnivore, Crocodile like, passive, mainly eats on plant roots by uprooing & fish in water but also can take on small mamals if needed. Grazes near water. Normaly wont attack you, if not very very hungry but it gets disturbed if you go near it.


    Small cross between crocodile and lizard. Eats insects, not amphibians, they remain on land, defenceless. Run quickly and can jump while running (like deer).

    6. Microraptor

    A four winged bird, omnivore, defenceless, nice to see flying around.

    7. Eoraptor

    Very small (see wiki) meat eating dinos, carnivore, aggressive, they dont harm if alone (runs away) but attacks when in large group. They generally roam in group. Kind of this you may have seen in Jurassic Park. They bite off tiny chinks of meat from you and if amny are there, you are dead.

    8. Edmontonia

    Defenceless herbivore, kind of rolls itself around itself into a coil to protect its weak underbelly. Very tasty to eat but you need to attack it using stealth , Otherwise it will coil itself.

    9. Oviraptor

    Its a thief dino, always stealing caracass, eggs from others. Carnivore in that sense but defenceless. Have feathers on body except neck/head, palms/fingers. Mouth is like beak of birds. Running fast is its only tactics.

    10. Triconodonta

    They are carnivore , aggressive (in the sense that they attack any other dinno) but doesnot cause harm to humans. They are happy to hunt small dino/reptiles and insects. They were early form of todays mamals and they can be domisticated as dogs. They are faithful to tribes in return of food. They can fight with big dinno when in groups.


    10 kinds of Diinos I posted here. Hope you give them the honour to appear in your game. Best wishes for version 2.


  12. Woe, that’s a lot of comments.
    Thanks for your suggestions, we’ll consider them. I’ll have to look into each one individually to know whether they’re worth having in the game or not.


  13. Oh, yes, please have Edmontonia! Probably my favorite dino.

  14. softhunterdevil

    Ya, rhysandrews … decide which dino you want to include in your game. They are eagerly waiting for the honour. :)

  15. i think having a little oet dino would be cool,
    like in the flinstones they have deno the dino, that sort of thing, you say press a key and then you can command him to fetch dead dinos and bring to cave, maybe help hunt, but he would eat water and berries so that would be the bad part.

  16. William Marmont

    I think that in order to tame a dinosaur you would have to find its egg before it hatches. Otherwise the dino might rampage alot because it already knows that it could be killed by the caveman. The dino egg would be randomly found in a bush or something after you reach a certain amount of cavemen. The dino would probably have to be a herbivore or it might eat your cavemen. A herbivore might eat some of the berries out of the pile but thats no biggy.
    I love the game by the way, 7/6

  17. brad

    all these ideas are awesome! you really need to finish caveman craig 2.

  18. Dapwner

    Well for starts There isn’t a period within any dinosaur times without a big lumping herbivore maybe like brachiosaurus?? But it will eat like trees (If there are any in game!!) and will attack big predators like T-Rex and ignore little ones like velociraptor… It would not know you were there because it would be so big it would be obloivious too your size… ^^ It wouldn’t do anything if you attacked it… because it would be like a plastic soldier man shooting you with is plastic rifle… Haha!

  19. Justin

    small carnivore, defenceless
    large carnivore: ate fish appearently. (aggresive perhaps?)
    herbivore, aggresive
    large herbivore, passive

    thats pretty much all i can think of right now :D

  20. Steven

    Why not make multiple areas to go to and where you can have builders that build traps and houses and farms.

    Can you put in dogs sabertooths and mammoths because they were alive around the same time we were and flying dinosaurs and DRAGONS please?

    Hey why not make a multitask people who cost 3 caveman credits and have more health then cavemen (not including Craig).

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