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Caveman Craig 2 Dev Update

Hi everyone!
Just thought it was about time I give you all a development update on CC2.

Things are going really well. Greg, Tim and myself have spoken a lot about revising some areas of the game to make it more fun in general, really getting into the specifics. We’re doing lots of testing of the alpha builds to iron out bugs and make tweaks to make the game more fun. We’ve added a couple more dinosaurs to the sandbox and are working on balancing them out, too. Thankfully at this point there don’t appear to be any big performance issues to tackle, unlike CC2’s predecessors.

As you can see from the previous blog entry, Tim has designed a number of foe’s for Craig, and will continue to show you more over the coming days/weeks right here in the blog. We hope Tim and Greg will have more material for you soon, too.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Brandon

    Do you think you can post a percent of completion or a release date of when it’s going to be finished? I really want to play this! All the screen-shots look cool

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