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Caveman Craig 1.5 BETA – Download Now!

We aren’t sure whether version 1.5 is too hard or too easy just yet – so I was hoping you guys would try it out for us, and tell us what you think.

The main change in 1.5 is that the game has a smoother increase in difficulty and is a bit more difficult overall. Please tell us if you were able to finish the game (without cheats obviously) in version 1.5, how hard it was, how long it took, etc. Also tell us whether you found it more or less enjoyable, etc.

After a while, we’ll make some adjustments according to your verdict and will release it on YoYo.


Rhys and Tim

11 Responses

  1. CaKsTeR

    It’s better, but there are still random occasions where you are attacked by pretty much every enemy in the game at one point, even early on when you don’t have that many cavemen.

  2. Vinicius

    everytime i get a T-Rex it comes along with like lots of triceratops so really hard

  3. Tim

    The beginning is better with the increased raptor presence. However, as Vinicus mentioned, the triceratops need to be toned down. They’re still killing off all of my men. Hunters and gatherers just keep running into their horns. The gatherers do the same thing with the T-rex too, but since T-rexes are less frequent is not as big of an issue.

    Another thing I noticed was that when the triceratops are alive, they only really react with the cavemen. The triceratops should really be blocking the raptors as well as the humans. It doesn’t seem fair that raptors can run right by them but none of the cavemen can.

  4. I agree with the others.
    To begin with, I’d say this version is better than the v. 1.4. But after a little while (at a point where you possibly couldn’t have bred more than 10-12 hunters) the raptors, the triceratops and the rivals comes in massive waves, as if they ganged up against you. And they will most likely kill off your whole tribe in a matter of seconds – before you’ve even experienced your first T-rex attack. That’s pretty annoying! But besides that, I think it’s a great game. Big thumbs-up!

  5. Vinicius

    at least let us be able to teach gatherers how to protect like we do to hunters..they just run off into a dinosaur mouth

  6. AracnoX

    This should have co-op multiplayer.

  7. itshalffull

    the gathers should learn to run from hunters…

    Also, I think the game makes hunters too valuable…they’re the only necessary character… you should have to be able to eat to survive… which would make both the food preparers and gatherers necessary..

    Combine this with allowing the gatherers to run, and you have a MUCH deeper game.

  8. Thanks for your comments, guys.
    Unfortunately, development for CC1 has come to its final stage, where I won’t be implementing new gameplay elements to the game, only tweakings and bug fixes. And so, we won’t have gatherers and preparers dodging or running away or anything. Leave all this for suggestions for CC2!

    However, I’ve really considered the feedback you are giving me on the 1.5 BETA. It’s likely I will revert to 1.4 but make a few changes here and there, then release 1.5. Thankyou for your support!

  9. Sneelon

    Hey, for your next Caveman Craig, you should be able to ally with other tribes and share resources with them. Also you should add another classes, Tamers, they should be hard to train and have limits. Or maybe fishermen who collect water and food. Add some mammals too. The cavemen should also have an intelligence level, so they know to attack together, or avoid eneimes, etc.
    Well, these are just some ideas.

    Please contact me if you are going to use them or if you are not, I’m Sneelon at yoyogames.


  10. cal

    Arrgghhh! I don’t know how to download it onto my existing CC! ANd I’ve only just realised, where is the background? On my download it just shows blue sky, a couple of birds, and white circles (presumably clouds?) I assume this isn’t how it’s meant to look. Is there anything wrong with the game, have I downloaded it wrong? If so, then what do I do to fix it?

  11. Chubysnow

    Maybe you could be able to be able the ability to gather the large beasts with more than 1 gatherer an the option to send troops to a different cave and get their food and non combat people.

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