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April’s Etc

Hi guys!

It’s exciting to be productive enough to write another “etc” post here. Although to be honest, it’s just a lazy way of coming up with a title to say “here’s our latest news”.

Caveman Craig 2 for Steam is coming along very well. I’ve spent many evenings and weekends improving the game – a balance of fixing old bugs/glitches, new features and improvements, and most importantly, porting the game to GameMaker Studio. This process has already proven very promising (though time consuming) – the game is much more stable, powerful, functional.. and moving to GMS has paved way for some fun new features which we hope to announce soon. It also means that Caveman Craig 2 runs great on Mac OS X, integrates easily with Steam’s API (achievements, statistics, leaderboards…), and soon we will test the game in Ubuntu as well (but no promises here).

At this point, it’s making more sense for us to ditch the idea of making an interim update/patch to the GM8 version. It would have been a rushed job, and not a reasonable or adequate way to launch the Dudu Forest DLC, nor appropriate use of our time.

What this means for current CC2 owners is that you will need to suffer with any bugs or crashes you are encountering for a little while longer – but the reward for your patience will be greater! I can’t wait to show off some of the stuff we’ve been working on.

That’s all for now. By the way, whenever I’m on a roll I like to tweet my updates. So (and say hi! It’s nice to know I have company) – who knows, I might leak some of the new features on there first..

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