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Announcing “The Battle at Dudu Forest” DLC!

Tim and I are proud to announce our first DLC for Caveman Craig 2 – titled “The Battle at Dudu Forest”.

The DLC is a whole new conquest level for Caveman Craig 2, featuring new scenery, a new enemy tribe leader, and more!

While it will be free, the release date is in YOUR hands!
To broaden our fanbase and address a larger audience, we need your help to get , , and !

Once these 3 criteria are met, and we have finished developing it, we will release the DLC – free for anyone who owns Caveman Craig 2!

For all the info, check out our latest Vlog!

3 Responses

  1. Amos

    I hope you guys reach your goal. You set quite an ambitious one, which I respect =) What happens if your goal isn’t met???

  2. Sekau (Spirit Slayer)

    I liked and subscribed. Sorry I can’t follow. I hope you guys reach your goal!!!!!!! :D

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