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Almost There!

Sorry for the wait, guys!
We’re just as anticipating Caveman Craig SE’s release as you might be. Truly, it’s in its final form, Tim just has to get some final bits and bobs done, like remastering some of the sound effects and making a few more graphics. Then we’ll package it all up, send it to some lucky peeps who get to test it for us, make a few adjustments, and then it’s all yours! Any more delays will be due to testing and cleaning out bugs – because once you buy a copy of the game, we haven’t got any way of giving you any fixes without you buying the game again. Though… now that I think about it, I might be able to incorporate some sort of update tool. I’ll sort it out!

The Caveman Craig website is just about done, with a few pages ‘ere and there to go. Check it out here: We’ll be getting the domain soon too.

Rhys Andrews

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  1. Ok, just an update…
    I’ve integrated a simple yet very effective tool into Caveman Craig SE that will allow users to download patches via our website, fixing bugs and glitches that we may find after the release. This will prevent users having to buy the game again just to have some bugs fixed (which is unfair – you deserve a glitch-free game if you’re paying for it!).

    It is also possible to use this engine to create mods for the game… but that probably won’t happen.

  2. wow, you guys are great. and I’m defiantly going to make a mod. thanks for adding the capability. i actually made a mod for the 1.5(or 1.4, i don’t remember which). it wasn’t a big mod, just changing the background. but i mod every game i can. thanks for making this game.

  3. BTW, the store link and the contact link on the site are dead.

    nice site anyways

  4. cal

    Is this going to start a CC community? What if it ends up like NWN community, it’s huge! I have a feeling that all the testing you’re going to do will throw up a lot of problems. After testing some of my own little projects I’ve decided testing to be a curse =)

  5. Like I said, oracleworks… it probably won’t happen. And considering the way the game updates, it won’t be something that will allow anyone to create mods, only me. I understand the links are dead, We haven’t completed them yet.

  6. do you have an expected release date for the game?

  7. RhysAndrewsDaddy

    Rhys Adrews, i’m your daddy!
    Go and make so you can play on lan, 2 player!
    Yea, or something, two players that fight!
    Do it son!
    Do it!

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