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Additional Gametypes in CC2

We are inching closer and closer to release..
It is all resting on me now as the rest of the team have completed essentially everything they need to complete. Tim will soon begin working on some marketing type material which is separate from the game itself.

Of the few remaining areas of the game to finish, the ‘additional gametypes’ that you can unlock while progressing through the game is the biggest.

In Caveman Craig 1, there was 1 special gametype; raptor’s revenge. Special Edition introduced “Meteor Dodge” as a 2nd gametype.

Caveman Craig 2 will have 5 additional gametypes, as well as 4 conquest levels and a 5th, special final level. Among the unlockable gametypes are improved versions of meteor dodge and raptor’s revenge, and “Classic” mode – which operates in a similar manner to CC1 and CCSE. The goal of the additional gametypes is to beat your own highscore (or if you have siblings using the same computer, you can compete with their profiles for the best score). Some gametypes will also have a challenge score to beat in order to unlock new XP rewards.

We don’t want to reveal the remaining 2 gametypes or the final level, it’ll ruin the fun! But we can’t wait to show you.


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  1. Amos

    Sounds awesome! Is it possible to find out the names of the dinosaurs you kill in the game? I have no idea what that dinosaur is that keeps ramming over me, and I am curious as to what it is called XD

    • If you open up the stats window (the 2nd button along on the top right corner menu), then roll your mouse over the picture of the dinosaur, it will show you the name. In this case, it would be the Pachycephalosaurus :)

  2. Amos

    I just tried, and it didn’t work 0_0 Was this feature in the Demo version? Because it definately isn’t working for me…

  3. Amos

    Is there going to be modding support in CC2? And if so, what is it that can be modded?

    • There’ll be fairly limited modding support. It is more intended for us to be able to create additional content although people are welcome to create their own.

      At this point, you can only create your own scenes and caveman animation sets.

  4. Amos

    Hello again Rhys and Tim. You’re probably never going to beleive the glitch I found this time. I was in the middle of my usual antics of stealing raptor meat from the enemy tribe territory, and suddenly, the most unexpected thing ever happened. Neanderthal Neil ACTUALLY assisted me in carrying the carcass back to the cave. Needless to say, my hunters gave him a good beating once the carcass was secured. I was already dragging the carcass, and then Neil just suddenly pitched in. I was still on enemy ground when it happened. It was sheer luck that I found this.

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