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CAVEMAN CRAIG now available on Steam!

Our flagship game, CAVEMAN CRAIG: THE TRIBES OF BOGGDROP, is now available for Mac & Windows through Steam!

Purchase the game within the first week for a 15% discount, bringing it down to just $9.34 USD.

CAVEMAN CRAIG is a remastered version of Caveman Craig 2, featuring re-imagined levels, new dinosaurs, co-op, and a list of improvements we can’t begin to count!

Check out the recent Let’s Play that I did with my mate Nat.

Own Caveman Craig 2?

If you already own the older game, Caveman Craig 2, you are eligible to receive a Steam key for Caveman Craig: The Tribes of Boggdrop (don’t let the names confuse you – Caveman Craig: The Tribes of Boggdrop is a new, remastered version of Caveman Craig 2).

To register for a Steam key, please .

One more sleep!

Caveman Craig will be available for purchase on Steam tomorrow!

We’re offering a 10% launch discount, making it feel like a bargain at under $9.99 USD (But seriously, it’s worth it)!

If you haven’t already, add Caveman Craig to your wishlist here!

We are very excited, but also so tired after months of late nights and meeting unreasonable deadlines (which we put on ourselves, so I guess we can’t complain). A couple of weeks ago, I took a break from all the lines of code and heartless BETA testing and actually played Caveman Craig, recruiting my real life caveman friend, Nat, and playing co-op!  Check it out, you might learn some new things about the game!

A big thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. To our pre-launch party testers, our BETA testers, our friends & family, the Greenlight supporters, and last but not least our faithful fans! It means a lot to us to hear your stories of playing Caveman Craig since its conception in 2008 and beyond.

Bring on tomorrow!

-Rhys & Tim

Hello August!

August is going to be a great month for Parabox Games :)

As you all should know, Caveman Craig is coming to Steam this month! Caveman Craig is a ‘remastered’ version of Caveman Craig 2, with split-screen co-op, re-imagined levels (plus a new one), Steam integration, and more.

A big thank you to our squad of BETA testers who are sinking their teeth into the game already and spitting out all sorts of bugs and glitches they’re coming across. Thankfully, so far 90% of the reports were an error that I was able to fix over the weekend in a new update.

Our BETA keys are now exhausted, so we can’t offer any more out. Sorry, you had to act fast! If you owned Caveman Craig 2, you are still eligible for a free copy of Caveman Craig once it is released.

There’s a lot of work still to be done on the game, and Tim and I have put together a roadmap of when the final features and fixes are expected to be rolled out.

Everything is going along swimmingly, so it’s time to ‘lock in’ a release date! We have decided to stick a pin on August 28!  So add Caveman Craig to your wishlist on Steam if you haven’t already, and BETA testers… pressure’s on!



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