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Special Edition for just US $2.50!

For the next 24 hours, you can buy the special edition of Caveman Craig for just US $2.49, instead of the usual $4.99 via Game Du!

So get your copy quickly, there are only hours left!

Rhys Andrews

Caveman Craig: Special Edition Gameplay Video!

Not sure whether special edition is worth the spare change?
We’ve just made a gameplay video to upload on youtube showing some of the new features special edition boasts and just how exciting it can be!

To view it, go here:

Rhys Andrews

Caveman Craig Review on Total PC Gaming

How is everyone?
Thanks for your continued support, we’ve been getting more sales than we expected! We’re continually working on marketing the game so hopefully it won’t slow down in upcoming months, but rather increase.

On that note, anyone living in the UK should buy the upcoming issue of Total PC Gaming, which I think is available in most newsagents and corner stores – though if not, you can also buy the issue online – Caveman Craig is being reviewed in the indie games column! Of course, I doubt people would buy the magazine just to read the review, but it’s worth a mention for anyone who enjoys reading PC game magazines!

And now for a development update… Tim and I are working out concepts for the “Save the Planet” YoYo Competition… so wish us luck!

Rhys Andrews

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