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‘Teka Teki’ – Now Available @ YoYo Games

How is everybody?
For about a month I have been developing a puzzle game for the current YoYo Games competition, called “Teka Teki” – it is lightly inspired by Sega’s “Baku Baku”. For anyone who asks, Teka Teki just means puzzle in indonesian. I was kinda desperate for a cool title so took to Google’s Translation tool.

Sadly, Tim has been too busy to co-create our competition entry this time ’round, but will of course be working with me on Caveman Craig 2 as well as other very unique ideas we have up our sleeves. Instead, Greg VanderBeek has been designing the graphics for Teka Teki – he has an amazing ability and brings a style different to Tim’s, yet still eye-candilicious and very fitting for the game’s theme.

We have a BETA version out at YoYo Games now, I’d love for you to try it out and give us suggestions, glitches, etc. Obviously, we want to have the game in its complete form by the deadline of the competition.


Rhys Andrews

Special Edition for just US $2.50!

For the next 24 hours, you can buy the special edition of Caveman Craig for just US $2.49, instead of the usual $4.99 via Game Du!

So get your copy quickly, there are only hours left!

Rhys Andrews

Caveman Craig: Special Edition Gameplay Video!

Not sure whether special edition is worth the spare change?
We’ve just made a gameplay video to upload on youtube showing some of the new features special edition boasts and just how exciting it can be!

To view it, go here:

Rhys Andrews

Caveman Craig Review on Total PC Gaming

How is everyone?
Thanks for your continued support, we’ve been getting more sales than we expected! We’re continually working on marketing the game so hopefully it won’t slow down in upcoming months, but rather increase.

On that note, anyone living in the UK should buy the upcoming issue of Total PC Gaming, which I think is available in most newsagents and corner stores – though if not, you can also buy the issue online – Caveman Craig is being reviewed in the indie games column! Of course, I doubt people would buy the magazine just to read the review, but it’s worth a mention for anyone who enjoys reading PC game magazines!

And now for a development update… Tim and I are working out concepts for the “Save the Planet” YoYo Competition… so wish us luck!

Rhys Andrews

Caveman Craig Special Edition – Patch 1.1

Hi everyone!
Yep, just a few days in and we have a patch released for Caveman Craig: Special Edition. It fixes 2 very minor bugs and adds some text on the top-right hand corner of the main menu showing the application version (the version of the executable) and the patched version (The version after applied patches).

The patch system is pretty nifty, it will allow buyers of the game to fix bugs and even receive new features without having to buy the game again. The patch files are tiny (1.1 is 3 kilobytes) and very easy to install.

When you buy a copy of Caveman Craig: SE, the executable has all patch changes already implemented, so older patches are not necessary to download. However, if you’ve already bought a copy of CC: SE, this patch is worth grabbing.

As always, report any  bugs or issues here regarding the patch or Caveman Craig: SE itself.


Caveman Craig: Special Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Tim and I are proud to announce that Caveman Craig: SE is now available for only us$4.99, processed securely by BMT Micro.

CC: SE contains new dinosaurs, bonuses, and many many more features and improvements from the original Caveman Craig, including a completely reoptimised engine and the new ‘dilophosaurus’!

Our deepest apologies for the delayed release. We hated to have conformed to what a lot of commercial companies do, however we had to sort out a few possibilities with YoYo Games which have now been resolved. As the least we could do, we have reduced the price from $5.99 to $4.99. We sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

Rhys and Tim Andrews

Almost There!

Sorry for the wait, guys!
We’re just as anticipating Caveman Craig SE’s release as you might be. Truly, it’s in its final form, Tim just has to get some final bits and bobs done, like remastering some of the sound effects and making a few more graphics. Then we’ll package it all up, send it to some lucky peeps who get to test it for us, make a few adjustments, and then it’s all yours! Any more delays will be due to testing and cleaning out bugs – because once you buy a copy of the game, we haven’t got any way of giving you any fixes without you buying the game again. Though… now that I think about it, I might be able to incorporate some sort of update tool. I’ll sort it out!

The Caveman Craig website is just about done, with a few pages ‘ere and there to go. Check it out here: We’ll be getting the domain soon too.

Rhys Andrews

How’s things going?

Hey everybody.
I haven’t posted here in a while, there just hasn’t been anything special happening other than the development of new additions.

However, with only a few weeks away from release, we can safely give you a list of the new features that Caveman Craig: SE will include. We are also putting the new Caveman Craig website together. To see its progress (keep in mind this is still being designed so you may see placeholder text and so on), visit

Caveman Craig: SE will be a revamp on the original, award-winning indie game. For only $5.99 US, any Caveman Craig fan can enjoy these additional new features:

  • Rewritten engine for optimised performance and elimination of glitches.
  • 6 new bonuses, including pet dinosaurs, meteor strikes, and more.
  • The ‘dilophosaurus’, a frilled-neck dino that spits poison at his prey.
  • No limit on the frequency of your saves!
  • A brand new and challenging minigame – ‘Meteor Shower’ (as well as the old ‘raptor’ minigame, which is recreated to be more enjoyable).
  • Prioritise your gatherers and preparers to choose fruit over meat, or vice versa!
  • Gather up your hunters to take down dinosaurs together!
  • An extended map size, now twice as long as in CC Classic!
  • Remastered, high quality sound, and a whole new soundtrack!
  • Probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten!

I hope this entices you guys to purchase a copy. Remember, by spending just a few dollars on this very special edition of Caveman Craig, you are supporting and funding our development of Caveman Craig 2, as well as other projects that Tim and I are working on, for both YoYo Games competitions and commercial sales.

Rhys Andrews

Special Edition Update

Hi everybody!
I know we haven’t been blogging lately, this is partly the fault of our commitment to getting the special edition of Caveman Craig completed as soon as possible. However I think now’s a good time to tell you a bit more about the specifics of this special edition that is perfect for anybody who spent a good slice of their time playing the original.

Caveman Craig SE will be based on the original but with lots of added features. That is, many more bonuses, new dinosaurs, another minigame, a larger map (about twice the size!) and lots of optimisation and engine revision to ensure that the game runs fast and more consistently. The special edition will have full-quality sound, a revised and audible tutorial, and LOTS more goodies.

“So if the special edition is going to have all these extra goodies, what’s left for Caveman Craig 2?” – Caveman Craig 2 will be much different to the original and the special edition, with a focus on caveman-tribe warfare – defending your cave against dinosaurs is just one half of the game play! With plenty more dinosaurs, much more control over cavemen, and lots of mini games, Caveman Craig 2 is quite different to the special / enhanced version of Caveman Craig 1, which will be available in a month or so.

Rhys Andrews

Vote for us in the GMC Cage-Match!

The three winners of the Ancient Civilisation Competition at YoYo Games, which includes Caveman Craig, Ancient Ants Adventure, and Tut’s Test, was chucked into the new edition of the GMC Cagematch, where users vote for their favourite game and the winner goes onto the next round.

Caveman Craig won the first round, and is now up against the winner of the previous YoYo Games competition, Frozzd. This game is all in fun, but why don’t you help us out and vote for what you think is your favourite game of the two? Click here:

In Other News
Tim and I are working hard on the special edition of Caveman Craig, and while we do that new ideas are spilling out for Caveman Craig 2, so in effect we are working on both. There’s a whole list of goodies we’re adding to the special edition, so we’re both very excited. We are also designing the official Caveman Craig website, which will be home to all our downloads, our e-store, and will also link back to this blog (which will not be dying!).

Thanks everybody
Rhys Andrews

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