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Caveman Craig Special Edition – Patch 1.1

Hi everyone!
Yep, just a few days in and we have a patch released for Caveman Craig: Special Edition. It fixes 2 very minor bugs and adds some text on the top-right hand corner of the main menu showing the application version (the version of the executable) and the patched version (The version after applied patches).

The patch system is pretty nifty, it will allow buyers of the game to fix bugs and even receive new features without having to buy the game again. The patch files are tiny (1.1 is 3 kilobytes) and very easy to install.

When you buy a copy of Caveman Craig: SE, the executable has all patch changes already implemented, so older patches are not necessary to download. However, if you’ve already bought a copy of CC: SE, this patch is worth grabbing.

As always, report any  bugs or issues here regarding the patch or Caveman Craig: SE itself.


Caveman Craig: Special Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Tim and I are proud to announce that Caveman Craig: SE is now available for only us$4.99, processed securely by BMT Micro.

CC: SE contains new dinosaurs, bonuses, and many many more features and improvements from the original Caveman Craig, including a completely reoptimised engine and the new ‘dilophosaurus’!

Our deepest apologies for the delayed release. We hated to have conformed to what a lot of commercial companies do, however we had to sort out a few possibilities with YoYo Games which have now been resolved. As the least we could do, we have reduced the price from $5.99 to $4.99. We sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

Rhys and Tim Andrews

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