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‘Teka Teki’ – Now Available @ YoYo Games

How is everybody?
For about a month I have been developing a puzzle game for the current YoYo Games competition, called “Teka Teki” – it is lightly inspired by Sega’s “Baku Baku”. For anyone who asks, Teka Teki just means puzzle in indonesian. I was kinda desperate for a cool title so took to Google’s Translation tool.

Sadly, Tim has been too busy to co-create our competition entry this time ’round, but will of course be working with me on Caveman Craig 2 as well as other very unique ideas we have up our sleeves. Instead, Greg VanderBeek has been designing the graphics for Teka Teki – he has an amazing ability and brings a style different to Tim’s, yet still eye-candilicious and very fitting for the game’s theme.

We have a BETA version out at YoYo Games now, I’d love for you to try it out and give us suggestions, glitches, etc. Obviously, we want to have the game in its complete form by the deadline of the competition.


Rhys Andrews

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