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YoYo Games Competition #5

Hi everybody,
These Christmas holidays have been pretty constructive for me.
Game Maker 8 came out, and it’s been a lot of fun trying out the new features (PNG support!!).

I have been working on a solo project called “Oh No More Zombies!” on and off during the year, and it’s nearing its completion. It’s a simple wave-based shooter, mainly to keep me busy on the game design side @ times when Caveman Craig 2 couldn’t be worked on (recently we made the decision to wait until GM8 came out before continuing development on Caveman Craig 2 – this has lead me to working on Oh No More Zombies in the meantime).

Tim and I have also decided to design an entry for the new YoYo Games “Handheld” competition. We already have a concept and we’re working hard on getting it completed asap so that Caveman Craig 2 can have the attention it deserves.

Some might say that we shouldn’t be working on anything else until CC2 is completed, considering it’s a large project and it has a seemingly large anticipation brewing – we understand, but as a designer I feel the need to release side projects, even if small, from time to time, to keep my mind motivated on game design at all. Hopefully these 2 projects will get Tim and I’s wheel turning again.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Another Update

Hi everybody,
I’vre been reading all your comments, and I really appreciate your enthusiasm! I know some of you are worried the project has died down, but don’t despair! This is simply because Tim and I are both working full-time (I scored a full-time position as a network administrator for a private school), and with Tim’s recent marriage there have been many other things on our minds.

I’m aiming for some solid weeks of development these christmas holidays – I won’t lie to you, progress IS slow and I’m unsure of a release date as yet, but again, don’t worry.

Keep those suggestions and kind comments coming!


Caveman Craig 2 Update – Drag Assist

Hey guys!
Development for CC2 is now well underway, after many months of planning and conceptualising. To keep you guys excited about its release, I’m going to post very small features that will be included in the game every now and then. The BIG features are for later on ;)

So far we’ve developed the main backend for how the cavemen interact with the environment. The major bugs we’ve had with the previous versions of Caveman Craig involved getting stuck in a loop, or cavemen positioned incorrectly when being eaten by a raptor or something. This new engine for caveman actions will prevent such bugs.

In Caveman Craig 2, cavemen can help each other take carcasses into a cave – it’s no longer just a one-man job. If you’re dragging a dead dino, another caveman can come up and help out, and you both lift it and walk much faster. Some dinosaurs are too heavy for one man to carry, and requires two.

We need tribe names!

Hi everyone,
I need your help again! We need some good and somewhat amusing tribe names for Caveman Craig 2. If it’s good enough, it will feature in the game and we might name the leader of that tribe whatever you like (within reason)!


Where are we now?

Hi everyone
A few of you have asked me what the progress is on Caveman Craig 2.

Things are going fairly slowly because of where me and Tim are at the moment. I am working full-time as the IT technician at a private school, and Tim is working at an animation company. During the development of Caveman Craig neither of us had jobs, and for the special edition Tim had a job but we still had time to put it together.

So our jobs, and that Tim is engaged and working out a new house / his wedding, is preventing us from completing much work on the game. However it is still something I very much want to do and we are still working out the game in concept. Your continued support, suggestions, and purchases of the special edition has kept me motivated and enthused to make a second Caveman Craig.


Some new info about Caveman Craig 2, give us your bonus ideas!

*EDIT 28th JUNE* – No longer accepting comments for this post; I needed ideas for BONUSES, anything else please submit to “Post your Suggestions!”. Thanks.

Hey guys!
Great to be able to post again, I hope you’ve not all run away! But I bet you have =

We’re still planning Caveman Craig 2 and putting together the concept, as it’s going to be more than just ‘better graphics, better performance, and new features’. But indeed, there will be a hoobload more new bonuses – they just won’t be ‘bonuses’ as such, but instead expansions and improvements you can make to your tribe and cave. This is important as in Caveman Craig 2, you won’t just be defending your own cave from other tribes and dinosaurs, but you will need to plan attacks on other tribes to become more and more powerful.

So, I’d really like to hear some suggestions for bonuses and expansions to the cave, or specialised cavemen etc that you guys might have. If it’s good enough, we’ll include it! The more the better. Currently we only have 23 bonuses that we’ll be including.

On top of the new found importance of bonuses and tribal warfare, here’s a few ideas we are planning on integrating:

  • More identifiable cavemen, with clothing and accessories.
  • You will no longer train hunters to dodge – all cavemen will know how to dodge by default. I mean, it’s basic instinct, you shouldn’t have to throw rocks at their precious heads.
  • A majority of (or perhaps all of) the preparers will be female. Is that sexist? I don’t know. Tell me if it is xD
  • Cavemen will have humane needs. Their lack of sleep affects their performance and they can eat to regain health. It won’t be like having a 100-person Sims family, getting them all to sleep and go to the toilet before they crap their pants. It will be based on a very simple scheduling feature.
  • The day will progress. You will likely get attacked by other tribes at night, and you’ll have the most huntable herbivores in the morning. Making cavemen sleep when they are least needed will help the flow of your cave – you won’t just fail based on luck.

Hope that’s enough to get you drooling again. Oh, and how about a nice piece of concept art?

Caveman Craig 2 Underway… Again

As Caveman Craig SE is selling by itself, and Teka Teki has been completed (plus I’ve finished school and can slack off all I like), Tim and I have decided to get Caveman Craig 2 underway again. We’ll be working on it throughout this year and hopefully it will be out in a few months time.

I really appreciate the loyalty you guys have to me and Tim, and the amount of suggestions and comments we’ve received. I hope you guys remain active on this blog to help us get the game completed.

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