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Update in the Works

Happy New Year!
It’s been some time since I’ve written a post here – Tim and I have taken a break from game development beyond keeping Caveman Craig patched and participating in the Steam community. We decided the wisest move would be to see how well Caveman Craig is received and determine our next steps from there. Good ideas take time!

I have, however, been working on an update for Craig, which on top of fixing a few bugs and making some tweaks, will include some exciting new content as incentive to explore everything Caveman Craig has to offer.

Primarily, we’ll be including at least 15 more Steam only achievements, encouraging players to try new things. We’re also looking at adding a Father Daughter mode, which allows mature players to play Caveman Craig with their child or young relative, without hindering their ability to play through the game. It’s something we’d like to include in all our future releases if we can.

It hasn’t been a smooth experience working with Game Maker of late, having had to jump back and forth between early access and standard releases and stable and beta builds in order to fix various issues with the game. Unfortunately, even if I completed the update today, we would not be able to release it until some bugs are fixed in an update to Game Maker.

We’ll keep you informed!


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