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It is with great excitement that we announce this pre-order deal for Caveman Craig 2: The Tribes of Boggdrop! The long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel to the award winning indie hit will be available sometime between now and 2012 (so you get a chance to play before the world ends).

After over 2 years, Craig is back, and ready to conquer the 4 tribes of boggdrop! Caveman Craig 2 provides a whole new twist while remaining faithful to all the things we know and love from the original!

  • Over 12 dinosaurs, including the classics and a grakload of new frightening threats!
  • Featuring a whole new gameplay experience in which you must take over 4 increasingly difficult tribes with unique Craig equals!
  • Smarter cavemen can sleep, eat, improve their skills (eventually unlocking a special ‘veteran bonus’), and prioritise their tasks.
  • Over 3 extra gametypes including ‘Classic/Survival’, where you must build your tribe as large as possible while facing harder and more frequent threats – just like the original Caveman Craig!

Pre-order Caveman Craig 2 for just $9.99 US, and get all these additional benefits because you’re all so awesome:

  • You will receive Caveman Craig 2 a week before everyone else
  • You also get a FREE copy of Caveman Craig: SE to keep you entertained while you wait!
  • Finally, we’ll chuck in an exclusive content pack including a CC2 wallpaper and some BETA screenshots.

In preparation for the CC2 launch, the Caveman Craig website has been completely redesigned. Go there NOW to pre-order the game and check out our other Caveman Craig games if you haven’t already!

The private BETA is being distributed to a few friends and family members for testing over this weekend. The focus for this round of testing is on enjoyability, replay value, the game mechanic, and learning curve – of course, bug and glitches will be found too along the way and we’ll be working on those.

Once this is done, we will be completing the frontend/HUD stuff, creating each level in the conquest gametype, and then putting together all the other gametypes.

Thankyou all so much for your support!
Rhys & Tim

A change of pace

Hello all!
I thought I’d post something a little bit different today. I didn’t want to bore you too much with technical details on Caveman Craig 2, as that’s pretty much all Tim and I have been doing for the past week or two – refining and refining to prepare for BETA stages.

So instead, I thought I’d have a think about what happens [i]after[/i] Caveman Craig 2.
We don’t want to milk the Caveman Craig series too much – we’ll get bored, and so will you guys! Also, we all know how terrible and disappointing it is when our favourite movies have crappy sequels. We don’t want the same thing to happen with the CC franchise. That said, I don’t think we’ve exhausted all our potential. An online Caveman Craig would be a lot of fun, particularly with the gameplay mechanic that CC2 has. Anyway.

Below is a poll! I’m interested in what you’d like to see us do next. You can tick multiple answers if you like.. e.g a topdown shooter & massively online game.

Ultimately, we would love to be spitting out unique and fun games every month or two while working on larger projects throughout the year. And we’d love for you all to be along for the ride – so what do you want us to do?

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August’s Etc

I’m tired and about to go to bed.. thought I might post an update though while I’m still thinking about it!

We’re making good progress.. Tim’s sent over a large number of the sounds we’ll use in-game, and I’ve been developing a bunch of scripts designed to handle and workaround the terrible design of Game Maker’s in-built sound engine. Most of the scripts deal with sounds that need to loop.. like struggling caveman sounds or the sound of leaves being pulled when you harvest fruit. The scripts make sure that the sound is only played once at a time, and pans it in the average spot between all the requested positions. Example, if 1 caveman is being eaten on the far left side of the screen, you’ll hear the sound being played in the left speaker. But if another caveman starts getting eaten from the far right side, the sound is centred – but still only played once.

The result of this, comparing from the original game, is two things:
-> Positional audio / stereo panning
-> No sound glitches with looping sounds, this was present in CC1 and CC:SE.

So far it seems to be working really well. Hopefully the way it deals with data structures isn’t going to mess with the performance too much. I’m yet to test this.

We are pushing to get a (private) BETA release out soon. Sounds, tutorial, and some general tweaking have been the last things to do before this can happen. We are also looking at design concepts for a new Caveman Craig website to promote and reflect the new look that CC2 will bring.

Stay tuned for an exciting pre-order deal! The time is near..


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