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We need tribe names!

Hi everyone,
I need your help again! We need some good and somewhat amusing tribe names for Caveman Craig 2. If it’s good enough, it will feature in the game and we might name the leader of that tribe whatever you like (within reason)!


Where are we now?

Hi everyone
A few of you have asked me what the progress is on Caveman Craig 2.

Things are going fairly slowly because of where me and Tim are at the moment. I am working full-time as the IT technician at a private school, and Tim is working at an animation company. During the development of Caveman Craig neither of us had jobs, and for the special edition Tim had a job but we still had time to put it together.

So our jobs, and that Tim is engaged and working out a new house / his wedding, is preventing us from completing much work on the game. However it is still something I very much want to do and we are still working out the game in concept. Your continued support, suggestions, and purchases of the special edition has kept me motivated and enthused to make a second Caveman Craig.


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